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Video & Surveillance Systems

No matter what the reason for installing your system, we will set you up for success. Not only can this equipment be used in deterring theft, robbery, burglary, and vandalism, but also in providing prosecutable evidence, and monitoring dangerous or inaccessible areas.


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Dome Camera, Bullet Camera, C-Mount Camera, Day/Night, PTZ Camera.

Built-In Analytics

No yearly licenses, No monthly fees, Built-in analytics at the edge.

Remote Access

Free video security app, remote video monitoring, real time alerts, and more!


We have a variety of cameras that are designed to meet your changing security needs.


AI-driven video solutions from Bosch support predictive analytics by bringing together rich contextual and behavioral information that help customers respond before a potential situation occurs and delivers business intelligence that goes beyond security. Everything we do is designed around our customers' needs, built on trust, and supports sustainable business practices. Our ultimate goal is to give our customers the Power to Predict. So YOU know what's next. 

CareHawk K-12 School Communications - For Everyday and Emergency Situations

CareHawk K-12 School Communications - For Everyday and Emergency Situations

Taking schools under our wing. We make safety communications simple and effective. Turn your school into a CareHawk School. MapAssist converts your school floorplan into an interactive dashboard for everyday and emergency communications. You're informed and in control! Initiate and view your daily communications live on an interactive floorplan of your school. Click a classroom or select from the staff directory. It's never been easier to have a two-way classroom intercom call with staff. Make a page, play music, or send a tone to zones. Whatever you want to do, it's all at your fingertips. Easily create any number of zones, like hallways or staff areas, to ensure the message you send reaches the right people. Colour-coded visual feedback. Whether it's a public announcement, an intercom call, or playing the school song, get visual confirmation your message was sent and to and where. Stay informed with automated email alerts. Inform teachers, school administration, and other essential community partners of emergencies at the school - automatically! Keep your school running smoothly and on-time! View your entire school year in an interactive calendar and keep track of your schedule with ease. Schedule more than just bells! Schedule tones, music, programs, video surveillance, and output events. Set a weekly schedule for the year, create and apply alternate day schedules, and create exceptions on-the-fly. Lockdown with real-time feedback! Your interactive school floorplan provides a quick and effective way to initiate and monitor a lockdown and other emergency messages. Priority-based communication ensures lockdown and emergency communications are priority-based and supersede lower priority system activity like regular pages and music. #schoolsafety #safetycommunication #massnotification #lockdown
Cost Effective

Security & Safety

Early information about highly occupied areas to quickly initiate security measures.


Accurate & Clear

Complete understanding of the scene with visualized metadata and video streams. 

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