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A fire alarm system’s essential purpose is to detect fires and quickly notify everyone; we can connect you to the products you need, design and install the equipment quickly, and keep your property under our service going forward.

Early Detection / Alarm Systems

Can't get rid of that annoying beep from your Life-Safety system?  FNS Communications is available 24/7 to silence that annoying beep.  With 35 years of experience in Life-Safety low-voltage systems service and maintenance, we have solutions to your problems for many major brand systems.  We service Life-Safety systems in most commercial facilities, from small retail stores and warehouses to large educational campuses and multi-story buildings.  Do you see your Life-Safety service tech more than your family?  We have provided solutions, for decades, to maintain system integrity when no others could help.  Whether it is a paging system that can't page or a fire alarm system that won't alarm, call us for a solution.

How can we help.. 

In the event that there is an immediate threat to life, property, or mission, the fire alarm system will sound the alarm, notifying occupants to escape, and letting the authorities know they need to respond. 

We can ensure your building is preventing and detecting. 

Fire Alarm System
Building codes sometimes require the integration between fire alarm systems and other technology.

Oftentimes, building codes require the integration between fire alarm systems and other technology. However, in other cases, integration is optional and voluntary, such as integration with lighting systems, HVAC systems, door locks and security systems. While these systems have historically needed independent network communications, they can now operate on a shared infrastructure, saving you money and streamlining processes. 

We ensure smart fire safety for buildings and challenging applications. Look for the fire detection solution that fits all your needs.

Warehouse Fire
Aviotec IP Starlight 8000
Alarm Detection

- Inspections -

Fire alarm system technology is constantly changing. In order to guarantee that your system is in optimal condition, it’s essential to continue to maintain and upgrade it.

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